How a document management automation system can improve teamwork efficiency

Modern businesses have many opportunities to maximize team productivity. All of this is thanks to the introduction of digital technologies, including an electronic document management system. It allows you to create a convenient workspace and adapt it to individual needs and requirements. One of the valuable features of an EDMS that has a positive impact on productivity is flexible project and task management. In Schrift, this is implemented based on the well-known GTD approach. We’ll tell you what’s special about the method and what other features you might need in this article.

Getting Things Done: achieve goals confidently 

Ideally, each team member should be able to perform the assigned tasks and be motivated to do so. GTD aims to free executives from the discomfort of multitasking, tight deadlines, and increased responsibility for the result.


It is a simple but really effective approach to automating business processes. A task has the following mandatory elements: topic (describes the essence), responsible (performs the work), and setter (accepts the result). Other attributes – description, deadline, priority, reminder – are optional.


Each task is a separate object of the document management system, meaning that it can have various attributes, including:

  • Task: execution, signing, registration, or values. The breakdown by task greatly simplifies the search and filtering of data in the system, as well as makes the interface more understandable. 
  • Status: in progress, draft, ready for review, postponed, completed/canceled, pending confirmation. The status changes as you work with the task.
  • Type: independent, subsidiary. The former is created independently of other objects, and the latter is created as part of certain EDM processes, for example, sending a document for signature. 


The electronic document management system implements this approach in an easy-to-use format. One user can create a task, assign a performer, and set reminders in a few clicks, while another can view the details, get started, and submit it at a particular time. 


Just imagine how much faster the process of generating and implementing ideas is. Add to this the features that optimize document management and business communications, and you have a powerful tool for maximizing productivity.

Everything you need to be productive

A document management system is a comprehensive business tool for organizing the effective work of both a team and an individual employee. It includes a whole range of useful features. 


It means that you have even more opportunities to improve your day-to-day processes:

  • quickly create tasks by setting priority, due date, and other attributes;
  • link tasks to each other or other objects and accumulate important information (files, events);
  • discuss the details of tasks and projects with employees and managers in internal chats;
  • fully electronic document management: from creating documents based on templates to automatic registration and distribution;
  • easy and hassle-free communication with counterparties, even with unregistered ones, to approve and sign documents;
  • access control for safer and more convenient collaboration between the team and third-party users.


A flexible approach to project and task management, native digital document management, a separate space for external and internal communication… All of this contributes to a new level of personal and team productivity. No more routine and long waits for the next task or document; the workflow is simple, transparent, and understandable for everyone!

How a document management automation system can improve teamwork efficiency

Signing documents is one of those tasks that requires maximum accuracy and takes a lot of time when done manually. It means that this process, as well as data exchange and communication, is crucially important to digitize. You can achieve this goal by implementing a modern document automation system, such as Schrift, in your business. It will help to establish interactions not only within the company but also outside it. What are the key features of this function at both levels? 

EDMS: a convenient and secure space to sign documents 

  • In a company

The first thing that comes to mind when one thinks of electronic document management is intra-corporate data exchange, i.e., between employees and heads of departments and divisions. It is essential because the accuracy of decision-making depends on the speed of information receipt. Signing documents is one of the main stages of this business process. 


An electronic document management system is designed to meet such internal needs. Next, let’s look at how it works at the level of a single company. 


Let’s say a team member/manager creates a document based on a template and then:

  1. Plans the route for approvals and signatures depending on the goals.
  2. Collects approvals and signatures in one of the following ways:
    • sends manually for signatures (including additional ones) to certain persons;
    • sends automatically via a parallel-serial route.
  1. Receives a document signed by Schrift or a digital signature.
  2. Register automatically by a responsible person or other position. 
  3. Sends within the company (publicly, privately) or to external counterparties – for information, consideration, or execution.

As a result, thanks to business process automation tools, EDM takes minutes. There is no need to create documents from scratch; just select the desired template. The automatic mode of registration, sending for signature, and subsequent distribution significantly increases the entire team’s productivity. 


Moreover, processes can be optimized at the level of interaction with other companies.

  • With counterparties

The document management system is also useful for establishing relationships with other legal entities, such as your company’s suppliers or contractors. A unique feature is that contractors do not need to register to conclude and sign documents in the EDMS. What is the secret?


Schrift has a special mode designed specifically for unregistered clients. The contact person of the counterparty receives your notification letter by email and, by clicking on the link, gets to the guest space. From here, they can download the document to the device, meaning both parties will have the original.


To access the standard interface and expand collaboration possibilities, the user must create an account for their company. However, even in this case, they can choose the mode of guest communication with you; it all depends on their individual goals.


Thus, regardless of whether your counterparty is a full-fledged user of the electronic document management system, you can: you can:

  1. Exchange information with the contact person and record agreements. 
  2. Provide access only to data that is relevant to the company.
  3. Specify a contact person to sign when creating or working on a document.
  4. Choose a signature method: the one set by the Schrift system or only a digital signature. 
  5. Work together on a paper, e.g., to agree on the terms of a contract.
  6. As a result, you get a document with a scheduled signature in the shortest possible time.


You can also see at what stage of the life cycle the document is (pending signature, registered, etc.) on both sides. You can control the process and make appropriate business decisions promptly. 


You’ll agree that this approach makes business communications easier and more transparent. Everything happens 100% remotely, meaning there is no need to hold business meetings every time you need to approve and sign new documents. 


Please note that the validity of the received signature can be checked at any time. Both built-in system tools and third-party services are suitable for this purpose. 

How are other EDMS features helpful in working with documents?

The system has a wide range of functionality that allows for native document management. It means that you can not only exchange and sign documents but also:

  • prepare draft documents and create relevant files;
  • view data without downloading files and keep a version history;
  • search for information in the system, including using filters;
  • organize data and store it in a secure database;
  • transfer tools and access to data to other employees.


All actions related to working with documents and data are recorded in the system. You can track the activity of employees and third-party users and control the correctness and timeliness of processes: filling out, correcting, signing, etc.


An electronic document management system is vital if you want to optimize your daily business processes and establish external communications. Create an ergonomic and secure space for your team, managers, and contractors to work together, even if they are not registered.

How to sign documents without registering in the EDMS: convenient interaction within the company and with contractors

Implementation of an EDMS is an important step toward digital transformation. It opens up great opportunities for automating business processes throughout the company. It is about convenient document management and building effective business communications. The comprehensive Schrift system focuses on both aspects, as it is aimed at the needs and requirements of modern business. Let’s take a closer look at how everything works and what functions help to achieve the goal.


Digital document management system: a new level of business communications


EDMS capabilities have long gone beyond speeding up work with documents and files. Organizing native document management remains one of the key functions, but it is far from the only one. The functionality covers many other company processes, including establishing and maintaining internal and external communications.

EDM helps to establish interaction between all stakeholders:

  • Team members can exchange information with each other, with other departments of the company, and with management, solving various work issues and discussing controversial topics.
  • Managers instantly receive important first-hand data at the level of a workgroup, company, or individual unit, which speeds up business decision-making and ensures accuracy. 
  • The company can maintain close communication with its counterparties, sending and receiving documents in a secure digital space and keeping a history of interaction with each.


Thus, various workflows can take place within one electronic document management system: from document preparation and project management to creating connections between all persons directly related to these documents and projects. 

Multitasking is made possible by the system’s various functions and ability to adapt to specific business needs and requirements in the communications field. 


Unique EDMS capabilities for effective communications


A modern document automation system is a complex set of software solutions and organizational software. It automates and integrates critical business processes, combines all regulations and procedures, and uses various communication methods. 

Schrift is a good example of how one system can be a useful tool for working with documents and a convenient and secure channel for communication. And, as we said above, at different levels of business and even outside the company. 

By using the platform, you can effectively communicate with various stakeholders and achieve your current goals:

  • gather the information you need from all existing workgroups in minutes with convenient chats;
  • manage chat messages: filter, modify, delete, send with or without notification, and monitor details;
  • exchange documents in the digital space (including sending them automatically) without wasting time on manual paperwork;
  • communicate with counterparty contacts on various issues and receive the necessary data without long waits;
  • establish relationships even with those counterparties who are not registered in the system to sign contracts with them;
  • work together with partners in public links, setting advanced access parameters;
  • ensure that all data remains the company’s property and is securely protected even when an employee leaves. 


Add to this the functions to ensure a full cycle of electronic document management: from scheduling signing stages to storing data in a single database with reliable protection. You’ll get a comprehensive tool for automating your company’s daily processes.


Do you still think EDM focuses exclusively on working with documents and files? In current conditions, its capabilities are much broader! Implementing such a digital system in your business is the right decision if your goal is to create a safe, flexible, and comfortable workspace. It’s also a good chance to scale up by customizing processes to meet the company’s current requirements and the unique needs of each participant.

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