• File sharing in the company: an important component of productive automation of business processes

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  • How a document management automation system can improve teamwork efficiency

    Modern businesses have many opportunities to maximise team productivity. All of this is thanks to the introduction of digital technologies, including an electronic document management system. It allows you to create a convenient workspace and adapt it to individual needs and requirements. One of the valuable features of an EDMS that has a positive impact […]

  • How to sign documents without registering in the EDMS: convenient interaction within the company and with contractors

    Signing documents is one of those tasks that requires maximum accuracy and takes a lot of time when done manually. It means that this process, as well as data exchange and communication, is crucially important to digitize. You can achieve this goal by implementing a modern document automation system, such as Schrift, in your business. […]

  • How does an EDMS optimize both document management and business communications?

    Implementation of an EDMS is an important step toward digital transformation. It opens up great opportunities for automating business processes throughout the company. It is about convenient document management and building effective business communications. The comprehensive Schrift system focuses on both aspects, as it is aimed at the needs and requirements of modern business. Let’s […]